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PATTERNS Lectures is initiated by
ERSTE Foundation

In 2003, ERSTE Foundation evolved out of the Erste Oesterreichische Spar-Casse, the first Austrian savings bank. Currently, ERSTE Foundation is the main shareholder of Erste Group. The foundation invests part of its dividends in the development of societies in Austria and Central and South Eastern Europe. It supports social participation and civil-society engagement; it aims to bring people together and disseminate knowledge of the recent history of a region that has been undergoing dramatic changes since 1989. As an active foundation, it develops its own projects within the framework of three programmes: Social Development, Culture and Europe.

PATTERNS Lectures is implemented by
World University Service (WUS) Austria

World University Service (WUS) Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organisation committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. Since its establishment in Graz in 1983, WUS Austria has been working to achieve this goal in various countries all over the world. Today WUS Austria has a regional focus on the countries of South Eastern and Eastern Europe and has two branch offices in Sarajevo and Prishtina.