Safe Perimeter is an introspective project, a convention agreed upon by the six artists in order to conjoin the past and present within this protective grid. Simultaneously ambiguous and normative, Safe Perimeter is equivalent to an exchange programme in which viewers are shown fragments of everyday existence, of salvaged reality, which is sometimes analysed critically, sometimes quoted by means of the therapeutic rhythms of a movement.

Safe Perimeter was initiated by artist Cristina David and art historian Alina Serban as part of the course “Clowns of Catastrophe: A Decade of Radicalism, Humour, and Identity Politics in Russia, Romania, the former Yugoslavia, and the Baltic Countries”, held in the Photo-Video Department of the National University of Arts, Bucharest, with the support of PATTERNS Lectures. Safe Perimeter was conceived in the form of a publication and an exhibition, held between 23 April and 14 May at the Make a Point in Bucharest.

Read the publication Safe Perimeter.