State abed. International exhibition

The exhibition is the final event of the course “Feminisms and social changes in contemporary art practices”, at the Academy of Fine Arts University of Split 2012/2013. The course “Feminisms and social changes in contemporary art practices”, held by Natasha Kadin aimed at introducing and mapping the phenomena of feminisms and contemporary feminist art in Southeastern Europe during social and political changes over the last four decades, from the social realisms and pioneer new media art in the 1970s throughout the years of Yugoslav wars and time of transition, up to today‚Äôs neoliberal capitalistic society. The core of the course was the connection and intersection of art and social change during the last 40 years, with the special emphasis on feminist art and artists from SE Europe in global art environment.

Despite recent major research exhibitions such as “Gender Check” 2010 (MUMOK, Vienna and Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw) and a growing number of gender related courses in universities in South Eastern Europe, the role of feminism and feminist art in contemporary art and society is still not investigated enough. What is needed is a theorization that can capture the post-Socialist environment and its complexities related to appropriation of the feminist discourse by the Communist ideology and its evolutions and various versions today. The lectures were rooted both in theoretical and historical discourses, but were focused on contemporary art production and artists.